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About us

KHIEBRA LLC is an independent commercial, contracts, and claims consultancy with more than 35 years of experience within the industry. Our deep understanding of the local market, along with the best international standards and practices that we apply, profiles KHIEBRA LLC as a reliable and supporting partner for your business. 


Whether you are just a new-start company or you are a multinational company with many business kilometers under your feet, KHIEBRA LLC has much to offer resulting from our many years of relevant regional and international experience. We can provide a bespoke expertise service that best suits your project and company goals, through the provision of contractually relevant and compliant expert advice.  


KHIEBRA LLC can further support your business in times of crisis by assisting with the possible provision of dispute funding if required and offering our experienced experts/reports, as well as claims and delay specialists.  


KHIEBRA LLC’s professional support is not limited to the Middle East region, and we advise various clients who operate internationally. In addition to remote support from our head-office base, such international support can include regular support visits to overseas projects or the provision of full-time dedicated overseas project staff. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to ensure that we provide the most professional, affordable, and tailor-made solutions that best suit our clients' needs in any country in which they operate. 


“KHIEBRA” is the Arabic word for “EXPERIENCE”

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